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Sodium alginate can make better quality rice balls

In recent years, with the development of deep-frozen technology, as our long history of specialty food dumpling by the majority of consumers. Currently frozen dumplings of glutinous rice market are based on the processing of raw materials, and glutinous rice dumpling itself has a low nutritional value, difficult to digest, the shortcomings of higher prices, its development subject to greater restrictions. And with similar waxy maize due to the high nutrient content, low cost alternative to become glutinous rice balls a good choice for machining. However, in terms of making dumplings, glutinous corn meal itself was makes it inevitable there are some shortcomings, mainly for the production of quick-frozen waxy corn dumpling stand presence easily collapse, cracking and cook soup mix and other issues. So how to overcome these deficiencies waxy maize flour, rice balls while meeting the needs of the market? Brand sodium alginate moon dumplings improver potential should launch.
    Sodium alginate as a natural polymer polysaccharide extracted from deep sea algae, which has a unique gel, thickening, emulsifying properties, widely used in the food industry. In fact, it is a natural fiber, not only can regulate appetite and energy absorbing people, and has certain auxiliary lowering serum cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose effect of. In the intestine can inhibit harmful metals such as strontium, cadmium and lead accumulation in the body; is increasingly valued by the people and respected at home and abroad. Sodium alginate, sodium alginate dumplings improver is the main raw material, supplemented by other refined edible gum and emulsifiers. Experimental results show that the product has a good food safety and biocompatibility, greatly improve the waxy corn dumplings Naizhu, make the dumpling skin during frozen starch is not easy to aging, smooth taste, moderate hardness, and the glass transition process but also to maintain a soft hydration status, product quality and stability, quality increased dramatically.
    Reference process:
    1. ingredients: rice balls powder, sodium alginate dumplings improver, dumpling fillings, sugar.
    2. Process: ① with warm water and sodium alginate powder dumpling dumplings improver (add 0.5%) together with the surface, and then pulling the dough into equal sized sub-agents. ② The sub-agents according to flat, middle package directly into the dumpling fillings (according to your taste with sugar or without discretionary). ③ bunched up into the pot boiled dumplings ball. ④ taste contrast.